Leading avocado growers and product manufacturers are expanding their businesses. In September 2021, Green SuperFood (GSF)—a producer–exporter of premium and sustainable fresh fruits and Hass, a avocado grower in Colombia and Brazil—officially announced the creation of its new European marketing and distribution arm “Farmers Home Europe” at Fruit Attraction 2021. The Farmers Home Europe has a transparent business model, directly exporting Hass avocados to importers and retailers across Europe, the UK, and Russia all year round. Similarly, the subsidiary of Westfalia Fruit, operating in France, announced the construction of its new facility in Graveson, in the Provence region in Southeastern France, in October 2022. This facility will include avocado storage, ripening rooms, and packing facilities to support Westfalia’s pan-European operations.

Manufacturers from industries such as food & beverages, pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals, and personal care are investing in product innovation and other strategies to expand their customer base and meet emerging consumer trends. Personal care product manufacturers are incorporating avocados in their products by investing significantly in their research and development activities to address the needs of consumers. In 2021, Mustela launched its organic BIO line in Brazil to provide certified organic products for skin care for people from all age groups. Its products harness the hydration and moisture retention abilities of avocados. Such product innovations help manufacturers gain a competitive edge in international markets. These developments are boosting the demand for avocados in various industrial applications across the globe.

A few players operating in the avocado and avocado derivatives market are Westfalia Fruit Pty. Ltd.; Salud Foodgroup Europe BV; Exportadora Propal S.A.; Berje Inc.; Lemonconcentrate SLU; Avocado Brasil Commercio de; Alimentos Ltda.; ConnOils, LLC.; Mission Produce, Inc.; Calao Growers, Inc.; Meridian Fruits SPR de RL de CV among few others.

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