Aviation leasing is a legal agreement between the lessor and the lessee. In this agreement, a lessor provides an aircraft, crew, insurance, and maintenance to the lessee for a specific duration in return for a monthly or annual periodic payment, which is called a lease payment. The aircraft leasing may or may not offer complete crew, insurance, maintenance facility, and aircraft as there are various services that come under leasing such as wet, dry, and damp leasing. The airline gives a specific rent per month or year for aircraft to use under its own brand. When the lease period is over, the aircraft and the service provided along with it are returned to the lessor or aircraft owner. Cargo operators and airlines use leasing to reduce the burden of manufacturing aircraft and associated costs; leasing ultimately helps the aviation industry reduce the burden of debt. The advantages that the lessee experiences by leasing an aircraft are financial liquidity, fleet consistency, rapid expansion of business, and reduced maintenance cost. In 2022, Dubai Aerospace Enterprises (DAE), a leading aircraft lessor, signed 143 leasing transactions. Such aviation leasing opportunities in the MEA are increasing due to the reduced burden of manufacturing aircraft and the achievement of cost-effectiveness because of leasing.


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