Fish protein hydrolysate is a product made from fish or fish material by the method of protein hydrolyzation. Thus, FPH is a mixture of broken proteins. FPH are reported to have a number of improved properties compared to the protein of origin which are namely improved functional properties and bioactive properties such as anti-oxidative or anti-hypertensive activities. Recently, FPH is also started to be used as cryoprotectants for frozen fish products.

Pet humanization is increasing across the world due to the emerging pet-loving culture and media coverage of celebrities and their furry friends. Population of dogs, cats, birds, and other pet animals is on the rise. Factors responsible for the growing pet adoption are an aging population and lonely persons who adopt pets to fill the void. Moreover, studies conducted by researchers reveal that pets have a positive impact on children as their companionship helps prevent loneliness and depression; develop motor skills by feeding and grooming dogs; encourage outdoor activities such as regular walks with dogs; promote emotional development by encouraging responsibility involved in caring for pets. According to the 2021–2022 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 70% of the US population (i.e., approximately 90.5 million US households) own one or more pets, majorly dogs and cats. Pet parents are concerned about the diet and health of their pets and are taking measures to keep their pets healthy. They are adopting healthy food enriched with various nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and fish protein hydrolysate. Therefore, manufacturers are developing pet food with fish protein hydrolysate and other nutrients to cater to the increasing demand of pet owners. Thus, rising pet humanization is expected to become a major trend in the fish protein hydrolysate market for animal feed application during the forecast period.

A few players operating in the fish protein hydrolysate market for animal feed applications are Copalis Industry SAS, NAN Group JSC, Scanbio Marine Group AS, Janatha Fish Meal & Oil Products, 21 Pine Freezers Road Pty Ltd, Symrise A, Kemin Industries Inc, Euro Feed Services, Holland BV, Bio-marine Ingredients Ireland Ltd, Vita Actives Ltd among few others.

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