Industrial workwear ensure safety at industrial settings. They are designed specifically to absorb shocks or any kind of impacts that may cause injuries to the employees and workers. Moreover, they are made of wear-resistant, chemical-resistant, and flame-resistant materials offering high protection from different hazards. Manufacturers of industrial workwear are launching cost-effective products with advanced features to meet the rising consumer demand. This factor is expected to provide immense opportunities to the industrial workwear and gear market in the coming years.

The workwear industry is constantly innovating owing to the changes such as increased demand for the use of advanced fabric, industrial workwear and gear with advanced technology, and others in the global market that have surged the trend of technological innovation. Demand for lighter protective apparel and equipment is rising due to the increasing focus on comfort, safety, and durability is anticipated to drive product innovation in the market during the forecast period. The key producers continuously seek ways to increase efficiency, boost quality, and increase productivity. They are also incorporating better properties in their fabric and enhanced breathability to improve the wearer’s comfort and prevent workplace hazards. Also, the growing need for lighter workwear has driven innovations in textiles and ultimately led to garment design modifications. For instance, DuPont Kevlar continuously encourages innovations in thermal and mechanical protection, revolutionizing personal protective equipment (PPE) for hand protection. Additionally, in June 2019, Carhartt, Inc. received a patent for its Full Swing technology. The technology is aimed to incorporate a concealed stretch-back layer that improves mobility by providing a greater range of motion while maintaining the integrity and function of the garment. Moreover, companies are shifting their focus on the manufacturing of fashionable as well as comfortable products owing to increased demand for customized and durable industrial workwear. Many prominent players in the industrial workwear and gear market are adopting developed technologies to innovate industrial workwear products and ensure workers’ safety. For instance, in November 2019, CE-Creates announced the launch of Shamal – the next generation of specialized industrial clothing. The clothing will use latest fabric technology to engineer specialized industrial clothing and enhance the health and safety of the outdoor professionals. Thus, increasing product innovation with new technology by various key manufacturers is expected to emerge as a significant trend in the overall industrial workwear and gear market during the forecast period.

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