A help desk is an organization’s primary point of contact for technical support. It provides information and assistance to users who have questions about their computers, software, or other technology. A help desk can be staffed by employees in the company’s human resources department or outsourced to a third-party provider. The goal of a help desk is to provide fast, accurate answers to user inquiries while also providing proactive solutions to prevent future problems.

The IT help desk services the hardware, software, and networks related to a company’s technology infrastructure. In most cases, they have little or no communication with the customer. Their correspondence is with service desk representatives. And this is normally in the form of an incident or request ticket.

In some organizations, help desks are also responsible for asset management. Take computer imaging as a sample experience. If an employee requires a new laptop containing the company’s default profile, the request is sent to that particular help desk. From there, the laptop is primed with the latest image and shipped or hand-delivered to the employee.

A service desk is a team that supports users and other departments within an organization. The primary goal of a service desk is to ensure that all users receive the best possible experience while using the products and services provided by the organization.

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