A lot has changed about roofing. The advancing technology and changing trends provide a galaxy of options for the homeowners to revolutionize their roofs in several interesting and useful ways. Here are a few insider secrets to roofing in 2023 provided by roofing companies Ohio.

Green roofing
Green roofs mark an admirable development in roofing today. Some things commonly shared by green roofs include a layer of soil for insulation and a top layer featuring green vegetation. Green roofs command an aesthetic appeal as well as provide a lot of benefits including reducing heat islands. Vegetation on the roof absorbs the heat from the surrounding atmosphere and also reduces the temperature of the roof. The cooling effect you achieve can result in significant energy savings.

Metal roofs are returning
For quite long, metal roofs have been used increasingly in industries and agricultural constructions. Recently, they have made a comeback in residential and commercial construction too. By 2030, the global metal roofing market is poised to grow significantly.

Flat roofs are becoming popular among residential clients
Flat roof, a popular concept among commercial buildings and industries is becoming popular among residential customers also. Studies show that more homeowners are now opting for flat roofs since flat roofs are cheaper, more durable, and aesthetically more appealing. They attract the viewers with their minimalistic looks. Flat roofs can be used to grow a rooftop garden, hold HVAC units, and mount solar panels. They too help extend the dwelling space of the house.

Solar panel roofs
Solar power is among the fastest growing alternative sources of electricity. Since solar energy is renewable, a lot of homeowners are investing in setting up roof top solar panels in order to cut down their electricity bills.

Synthetic roofing materials are expanding
A large number of home owners are taking active interest in synthetic or composite roofing materials like plastic polymers, rubber, and fiberglass. These are durable, cost effective and highly customizable options to roofing. Also, they have helped expand the options in terms of roofing materials and have removed our worries regarding material shortage that has started plaguing the industry.

Cool roofing is the trend now
Coolness of the roof refers to solar reflective index. Two factors are considered to gauge the SRI index of a given roof including the solar reflectance rate (the roof’s ability to reflect solar energy) and the rate of its thermal emittence function (the capacity to reflect the absorbed solar energy). A green roof is also a cool roof. The other ways to create cool roofs are by using cool materials like clay or slate. Alternative roofing materials like shingles with high SRI values can also be used to make a cool roof.

Take Away
To achieve the best results with your roofing project, you must choose from the most reliable roofing companies Ohio. Roofing is a significant investment and the care you take to get an effective and good looking roofing system can add immense value to your home.

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