Iron-chromium-aluminum (FeCrAl) resistance alloy wires are developed with the change in composition of chromium and aluminum elements. They offer excellent anti-oxidization, anti- sulfur and anti-cementite properties. They also provide the benefits such as small density, high surface load, high electric resistivity, high application temperature, prolonged life service and affordability. These wires are used as heating element in the metal industry in processing such as melting and holding.

Industrial furnaces are highly used in many industries, including chemicals, ceramic, glass, and oil & gas. Industrial furnaces are made from different high-temperature (refractory) materials to hold the process material and hold in the heat without breaking down. Iron chromium aluminum alloy wires are used for industrial furnaces with the highest continuous operating temperature. These iron chromium aluminum alloy wires are highly used in industrial furnaces due to their advantages such as high resistance, low-temperature coefficient of electric resistance, high operating temperature, and many others.

A few of the players operating in the global iron chromium aluminum alloy wire market includes Smith Therm Pvt. Ltd.; JLC Electromet Pvt. Ltd.; Changzhou DLX Alloy Co., Ltd.; Kanthal AB; Suzhou Nickel Alloy Co., Ltd; Oceania International LLC; Hyndman Industrial Products; Donghai Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.; Jiangsu Nickel alloy Co.,Ltd; and TEMCO INDUSTRIAL. Players operating in the global iron chromium aluminum alloy wire market focus on providing high quality products to fulfil the customer demand.


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