Meeting Of Joe Biden With UK Prime Minister

The United Kingdom has announced that U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will meet with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and King Charles on Monday, in which climate change and Ukraine are anticipated to dominate the agendas.

The vice president arrived in London on Sunday evening in preparation for a three-nation trip that would include a NATO summit in Lithuania to express unity with Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. Biden has refused to admit Kyiv as a member of NATO, however.

The president, 80, and the king, 74, will meet at Windsor Castle on Monday to discuss ways to enhance private investment in fighting climate change, which both leaders acknowledge as an existential challenge.

Some Highlighted Statements

In particular, the president appreciates the king’s commitment towards some of the climate issues. Sullivan said during a press which was on Air Force One on Sunday, “He has been a clarion voice on this particular issue.”

President Biden, according to Sullivan, intends to strengthen relations with King Charles. The two leaders had an “extremely cordial” conversation on the phone earlier this year, despite not having a deep familiarity with each other.

On Monday, Biden will also go to 10 Downing Street to meet Sunak, who he has already spoken to five times in recent months. Sullivan claims that rather than being a formal meeting, this visit is more like a conversation. President Biden will pay his first official trip to the White House since taking office during this stop at Downing Street.

What Sullivan Said

Before the NATO summit in Lithuania, which begins on Tuesday, the two leaders will talk, according to Sullivan. In light of the new, unexpected threats to our financial and physical security, our alliances are more important than ever, according to a statement from Sunak’s office. The United States’ most important trade, defence, and diplomatic ally is the United Kingdom, and we are leading the way in supporting Ukraine on the front lines of combat. Additionally, the UK is NATO’s biggest European ally.

Queen Elizabeth Also Hosted US President Barak Obama

In 2016, his late mother, Queen Elizabeth, hosted Democratic President Barack Obama at Windsor Castle. In 2018, Biden will meet with King Charles at Windsor Castle. A meeting between Biden and the Queen had taken place at the Castle in 2021.

Biden will be welcomed in the quadrangle of the castle, according to the King’s office. While the US national anthem plays, a guard of honour will welcome him. There will then be a discussion about climate issues.

It has been over five decades since King Charles, 74, began campaigning on this issue. King Charles and Biden previously met at COP 26 in 2021, when Biden was commended for his leadership on climate change by the King. John Kerry, speaking to BBC, said he had been invited to provide an update on Monday’s climate finance conference he was hosting with British Energy Minister Grant Shapps, reports Reuters.

A NATO summit will then be held in Lithuania with Biden and Sunak among other NATO leaders. A meeting with some Nordic leaders is expected to follow in Helsinki for the US President.

Cluster munitions are prohibited by law in more than a hundred countries, including the UK, because they can result in numerous, indiscriminate casualties. Ukraine, Russia, or the US have not ratified the Convention on Cluster Munitions. This Convention prohibits the production, storage, use, or transfer of cluster munitions.

According to Sullivan, President Biden and Prime Minister Sunak are “on the same page strategically on Ukraine, in lockstep about what we are trying to accomplish, and equally united.”

A tea meeting between Biden and Queen Elizabeth took place in 2021 at Windsor.

As the king welcomes Biden, the U.S. national anthem will be played and a guard of honour will give a Royal Salute, the king’s office announced. Climate issues are likely to be discussed between the president and the king, whose campaigning and speeches span five decades. In their meeting at COP26, the United Nations climate summit in Scotland two years ago, Biden praised Charles’ leadership on the issue, saying, “We seriously need you.”.

Charles replied, “I am very grateful for your kind words.”.

As has been a longstanding tradition for American presidents, Biden did not attend the coronation of the king in May, despite meeting Charles at a reception last year. In an interview with the BBC, John Kerry said he was invited to brief King George VI and Vice President Biden on the conference he would be hosting with British energy minister Grant Shapps on Monday.

In the wake of the meeting, Biden and Sunak will leave Britain for Lithuania to attend an important NATO summit. A meeting with Nordic leaders is scheduled for Biden in Helsinki. Adler and Popper edited by Helen Popper and Michael Holden Additional reporting by Muvija M and Paul Sandle.


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