The naval electro-optics systems consist of multi-sensor imaging modules catering to the needs for surveillance, monitoring, fire control, and panoramic search-and-track. In addition, the electro-optic enables the detection of all airborne and surface threats, both symmetrical and asymmetrical, regardless of the time of the day and weather conditions. Moreover, for high sea and coastal security operations, electro-optic systems provide surveillance, fire control, and air defense systems for several surface vessels, including aircraft carriers, frigates, corvettes, ocean and coastal patrol boats, and high-speed craft. Moreover, electro optic sensors are operational in various airborne, ground, and naval applications, providing position and orientation data required for operation and target acquisition. Also, the sensors provide early-warning, abnormal activity monitoring, incident management, and comprehensive observation and reaction capabilities.

Furthermore, electro-optic has enabled successful mission execution, possessing unique features and capabilities best suited for naval targeting, surveillance, and situational awareness. Companies in the market are designing an electro-optic solution to provide superior operation and surveillance in a lightweight and lower-cost package that effectively supports multiple mission requirements for full-spectrum surface detection, identification, surveillance, and target assessment.


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