Nowadays, people are seeking products that help them look youthful and fresh. People are willing to spend a lot of money on skin care products that make their skin healthy-looking and radiant. Due to the increasing pressure to look good in an image-focused society, people are spending more time online researching the best products for their skin type. They have wider access to a variety of products available across supermarket shelves or online. All these factors are driving the global skin care industry. Further, increasing internet penetration and rising influence of celebrities and social media on people’s lifestyles are driving the skin care market. Celebrities are actively showcasing their skin care routines on social media platforms, attracting many people. These factors are strongly influencing the demand for skin care products across the globe.

Lemon oil and lemon extracts are increasingly being used in skin care products owing to their antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Lemon oil is known to nourish damaged skin, making it soft and radiant. Moreover, lemon oil and extracts help control excess oil and sebum production, which stops the growth of acne-causing bacteria. Thus, people with oily skin can benefit from using products infused with lemon oil and lemon extracts. Further, lemons have natural bleaching agents that renew the complexion’s radiance, making the skin glow. All these properties of lemon oil and lemon extracts are driving their demand across the skin care market. Manufacturers of skin care products such as moisturizers, face masks, antiaging creams and lotions, depigmentation creams, and gels are incorporating lemon oil and extracts in their products. Moreover, manufacturers are developing vitamin C face serums that include lemon essential oil as an active ingredient. Lemon and Beaker Limited is one such company that offers vitamin C serum made with lemon essential oil extracted from lemon peels that helps lighten and uplift the skin. Thus, the benefits of lemon oil and lemon extracts in skin care products are significantly driving the market.

A few players operating in the lemon oil and lemon extracts market are Citromax Group Inc, Berje Inc, Lemonconcentrate SLU, Royal Aroma Fragrances Inc, Jedwards International Inc, The Good Scents Co, Denk Ingredients GmbH, Dohler GmbH, Kerry Group Plc, Lochhead Manufacturing Co. are among few others.

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