Organ preservation solutions are used to protect organs prior to transplantation because organs in the outer environment often collapse once removed from the human body. Organ conservation plans are implemented to save and maintain the value of organs for future applications such as transplantation and research. The development of organ preservation technologies is expected to be fueled by growing interest in organ transplantation procedures across the globe. Similarly, developing mechanically propelled techniques for saving organs support the market growth for organ preservation solutions.

The Organ Preservation Solution market majorly consists of the players such as Waters Medical Systems LLC, XVIVO Perfusion, TransMedics, OrganOx Limited, Paragonix Technologies, Inc, Dr. Franz Koehler Chemie GmbH, Accord Healthcare, 21ST CENTURY MEDICINE, Shanghai Genext Pharmaceutical Technology, Bridge to Life Ltd., Perfusion Solutions, Inc., Lifeline Scientific, to Life Ltd. The companies have been implementing various strategies that have helped the growth of the company and in turn have brought about various changes in the market. The companies have utilized strategies such as product launches, expansions, and product upgradations for the growth of their organizations. The companies have adopted several inorganic and organic strategies to accelerate their growth and improve their market position.

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