The listing of key players is derived by considering multiple parameters such as overall revenue, brand image, current space situational awareness portfolio in terms of number of models, technology integration & product enhancements, geographic reach, new product/feature launches, market initiatives, mergers & acquisitions, and other market-related activities. In addition to these players, multiple other leading global and regional market players, emerging companies, market disruptors and niche market players operating in the market ecosystem were also studied and analysed during this study.

As per the International Astronomical Union (IAU), a satellite constellation consists of a number of satellites that are similar in type, function, and design in complementary orbits for a shared purpose under shared control. Satellite constellations have applications such as navigation and geodesy, satellite telephony, and Earth observation. Companies are planning large-scale satellite constellations in LEO and mid-Earth orbits to provide global Internet of Things (IoT) or satellite internet to connect machines and systems directly. As per IAU, a constellation with thousands of individual units at low altitudes can reduce signal latency while maintaining high levels of coverage, especially in remote areas without developed ground infrastructure.


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