Uttar Pradesh is India’s most populous state and home to some of its most iconic attractions. From holy cities to centers of culture and history, this northern Indian state offers something for every traveler – so make sure your itinerary includes these remarkable cities for a trip you won’t soon forget!

Famous Cities of Uttar Pradesh

Hapur City

Hapur may not be as well-known among UP cities, but it still makes for a wonderful day trip from Delhi. Set along the upper Ganges canal, Hapur features scenic spots and interesting sites to discover.

Begin your tour of Hapur at Digambar Jain Mandir, an ornate Jain temple complex dating back to the 1870s with exquisite marble interiors and easy access in its heart of city location. It features some of the best carvings you’ll see.

After experiencing the beauty of Hapur’s Jain shrine, make your way over to St. Mary’s Church – built during British rule in the 1840s featuring an elegant red brick design and tranquil cemetery; built under colonial-era architecture you are sure to appreciate Hapur’s captivating colonial-era architecture!

End your Hapur trip on an upbeat note by walking along the Ganges Canal, commonly referred to locally as Upper Ganga Canal. Lined with gardens and greenery, this canal makes an excellent place for watching sunset and meeting locals out walking in the evening. Although stretching over 100 miles long, even walking a small portion provides an enjoyable outdoor experience.


Allahabad, one of Uttar Pradesh’s premier destinations, combines history, culture, and spirituality into one incredible experience. Situated at the meeting point between the Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati rivers – long serving as pilgrimage sites over millennia – millions gather here every 12 years for the Kumbh Mela festival.

Allahabad offers visitors an amazing experience when visiting Triveni Sangam, or the meeting point of three holy rivers. Witnessing boats passing over its waters makes for an unforgettable sight, and don’t miss the evening Aarti ceremony with floating candles and prayer rituals to cap off this memorable visit!

Allahabad is home to numerous magnificent temples. Chandra Shekhar Azad Park features the historic Allahabad Fort, 14th-century Akbar Fort and Palace, and Patalpuri Temple with its underground shrine; while Mahatma Gandhi lived at Swaraj Bhavan.

Visit Alfred Park for a glimpse of Allahabad’s grandeur during its British Raj period, complete with the public library, tennis courts, an old police station, and statues of British monarchs. For even more history and culture, head to Anand Bhavan – Jawaharlal Nehru’s former residence which now features an engaging museum housed within its historic walls.

No trip to Allahabad would be complete without taking a boat ride along Sangam, floating peacefully along its waterways, taking in picturesque city views, and reflecting upon its rich spiritual legacy. With incredible religious sites, vibrant colonial history reminders, and its own festive city spirit – There are many places to visit in Allahabad that truly make it a travel destination unlike any other.


No list of top UP cities would be complete without including Varanasi, one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. Nestled along the Ganges River, Varanasi is revered as both Hinduism and Jainism holy places.

At sunrise in Varanasi, boarding a boat at sunrise to witness its morning rituals is an unforgettable experience. Devotees bathing in the river, prayers being offered and flower candles flickering softly illuminated are just some of the sights you will witness on this memorable boat ride. Dashashwamedh Ghat serves as the main site, offering lively activity day or night!

Just inland is the bustling old city, characterized by narrow alleys filled with temples. Be sure to visit Kashi Vishwanath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva; its golden dome and main shrine offer special spiritual energy. Furthermore, nearby is Sarnath where Buddha delivered his inaugural sermon upon attaining enlightenment.

Each evening, Varanasi’s ghats come alive during the Ganga Aarti ceremony. Candles are lit, bells ring out and hymns chanted – lighting the river under starry night skies as candles flicker, bells chime out and hymns are chanted as lights illuminate its banks and hymns are chanted; all while an ancient river glows under starry night skies. Watching an Aarti ceremony is one of Varanasi’s premier tourist attractions while just strolling the ghats and taking in its holy atmosphere can feel like a blessing.


Agra is perhaps India’s most iconic travel destination, due to the remarkable Taj Mahal. Built as an eternal monument of love by Emperor Shah Jahan as a tribute to Mumtaz Mahal – its monumental marble mausoleum is an unparalleled testament to devotion.

Experience the Taj Mahal beyond your wildest expectations – its perfect symmetry and intricate details such as inlaid semi-precious stones will amaze you. Make sure to see it from different vantage points like sunrise, sunset, and Agra Fort – each offers its own incredible perspective of this breathtaking structure.

Fort Sikri is known for its striking red sandstone walls that house Jahangir Palace and Khas Mahal, while nearby Fatehpur Sikri – an exquisitely preserved Mughal city – showcases even more historical architecture from their golden age.

No matter how many photos of the Taj Mahal you’ve seen, being witness to its magnificent beauty in person remains an indelible experience. While Agra may be most famous for this one landmark, there’s much for history buffs to take in here as well.

Uttar Pradesh shines with incredible cities that blend spirituality, culture, and history into unforgettable experiences. From exploring Hapur, Allahabad to Varanasi’s Ganges or taking in Agra’s Taj Mahal; Uttar Pradesh provides memories that will last a lifetime.

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