Are you unaware of NVR systems and want to know how to connect such systems to the security cameras? Then, you are recommended to follow up on this informative guide to learn the same. 

The full form of NVR is Network Video Recorder. Such systems are mainly used to process data recorded or captured by CCTV security cameras and send it via streaming to your NVR recorder. It is also utilized for video storage and remote watching, allowing you to see the clip. To know how to connect security cameras to it, stay connected with us until the end. 

How to Connect Security Cameras to NVR Systems?

Before learning to connect a security camera to an NVR system, you should note that there are two types of Network Video Recorder system available in the market: PoE NVR and Non-PoE NVR systems. 

Firstly, it is essential to analyze whether you want to connect security cameras to the first type of NVR system or the second type. Now, follow the instructions mentioned below carefully. 

Instructions to connect IP security cameras to NVR PoE systems: 

For software configuration 

  • The first step is to power up the NVR system and run it by entering the lo9gn in credentials. 
  • Launch the NVR main menu and open the camera section. 
  • After that, choose the device search option.
  • Enter the desired IP camera to the interface.
  • Finally, choose the Manual Add function. 

Hardware setup:

  • Connect your router’s Ethernet wire to the PoE NVR’s designated port to establish a connection. Ensure that the NVR is turned on.
  • Verify the power connection by connecting your IP camera to one of the PoE ports on the NVR using an Ethernet wire.
  • Using a VGA or HDMI cable, connect the NVR to a monitor or TV to establish a visual interface. 
  • By attaching the included mouse to an NVR USB port, you may increase control.

Instructions to connect IP security cameras to Non-PoE NVR systems: 

You can perform the same instructions mentioned above to connect the IP cameras 

to non-PoE NVR systems. 

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