Wind turbine lubricants play an important role in the equipment operation, maintenance, and reliability of a wind farm. Wind turbines have various lubrication points such as gearbox, open gear, pitch gear, pitch bearing, yaw bearing, hydraulic systems, and generator bearings. Different lubricants used in wind turbines are gear oils, hydraulic oils, and greases. In lubricating gearboxes, gear oil is used. In wind turbines, grease is used on the main rotor shaft bearing, yaw bearing, pitch drive gears, blade bearing, and generator bearing.

Wind energy helps reduce reliance on fossil fuels, which has resulted in an increasing interest in this renewable resource in different countries. According to the “Global Wind Report 2021” published by Global Wind Energy Council, new wind power installations surpassed 90 GW in 2020, i.e., 53% higher than the capacity added in 2019. This resulted in a total installed capacity of 743 GW in the world, registering a 14% increase compared to 2019. In 2020, new installations in the onshore wind farms reached 86.9 GW, while the offshore wind farms reached 6.1 GW, making 2020 the highest and the second-highest year in history for new onshore and offshore wind installations, respectively. Various parts of the wind turbine need to be lubricated using greases, gear oils, hydraulic oils, and other lubricants. Therefore, the increasing installed wind capacity globally is driving the growth of the wind turbine lubricants market.

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