Digitizing an embroidery design is the process of converting a digital image or drawing into a machine-readable format that can be embroidered by an embroidery machine. In this process, a series of stitches is created. The color, type, and order of the stitches can be customized.

Digitizing embroidery designs is possible manually or using software. Manual digitizing is a tedious and complex process, and it is commonly used for small or complex designs. But you can find this process very easy if you use high-quality software, but the condition is you must know how to use it.

Learning the basics of any process is necessary if you want to start it. There are numerous resources available online and in libraries that can show you how to digitize embroidery designs.

Step-by-step instructions for Digitizing embroidery designs

Choose a digitizing software program. There are various digitizing software programs available, and all of them have remarkable features and capabilities. Pick a program that is not difficult to use and has all the features that you need.

Import your design into the software program. Whenever you have picked a digitizing software program, you need to import your design into the program. You can import your design as a digital picture or as a vector drawing.

Trace the outline of your design. When your design is imported into the software program, you need to trace the outline of your design. This will make a fundamental stitch pattern for your design.

Fill in the details of your design. Once you have traced the outline of your design, the next step is to fill in the details of your design. Details can be additional stitches or some other settings to create beautiful effects.

Test your design. Whenever you have finished digitizing your design, it is recommended to test it on a random piece of fabric to check its accuracy.

Save your design. When you are content with your design, you want to save it in a machine-readable format. The most well-known machine-readable formats are DST and PES.

Tips to Digitize Embroidery Designs

Use high-quality images or drawings while importing your design into the software program. This will assist with ensuring that your digitized design is of great quality.

Use the right stitch type and density for every area of your design. For instance, you will need to utilize a different stitch type for small details than you will use for large areas of solid fill.

Test your design completely before you stitch it out on your embroidery machine. This will assist in avoiding any issues with the sewing.

Digitizing Embroidery Services

If you are not happy digitizing your designs, you can hire an expert digitizer to do it for you. There are numerous expert embroidery digitizing services accessible, both online and in nearby embroidery shops.

When picking an expert digitizing service, considering the following factors is significant:

Experience: Pick a digitizer with experience in digitizing the type of design that you need.

Portfolio: Ask to see a portfolio of the digitizer’s work. This will assist you with evaluating the quality of their work.

Price: Look at the costs of various digitizing services before you pick one.


The unique and custom embroidered things can be easily made through the embroidery digitizing process. Nowadays, it’s not difficult to make beautiful designs and this is only because of this process. By following the guidelines above, you can figure out how to digitize your embroidery designs. If you are not happy digitizing your designs, you can hire an expert digitizer to do it for you.

Additional Tips

Let’s provide you with some additional tips to digitize embroidery designs. Also, pay attention to them for good results.

  • Many types of stitches are available in the market. Try to explore them and use the good types to create different effects. 
  • You can also use different thread colors to make your design look more fascinating. The best thing is you can make a custom look with these colors. Choose the suitable ones!
  • You can also add creativity while digitizing designs. Explore some methods and add creativity to them. Try different techniques and make your designs look appealing.

I hope this article is a proper guide on how to digitize embroidery designs. All the important instructions are provided in this article.

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