Are you searching for the advantages of purchasing the 5 MP explosion proof dome camera? Who would not give their best in terms of security of business or home? Usually, Industries that deal with explosive material and substances are restricted to choose explosion-proof cameras for their use. 

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What is a 5 MP Explosion Proof Dome Camera? 

The word “dome” comes from the fact that dome cameras are housed in an inverted dome casing and fixed on the wall or ceiling. It is frequently impossible to find out where the camera is pointed because the dome is colored to cover it. You may visit us to Buy High Speed Dome Camera, 5 MP Explosion Proof Dome Camera (Scorpion). Now, proceed further to get acquainted with the advantages of buying the same cameras. 

Benefits of Buying a 5 MP Explosion Proof Dome Camera!

Look into the following list to find the benefits of buying a 5 MP Explosion-Proof Dome Camera. 

  • Wide angle: Because of its dome shape, dome cameras are much more flexible than bullet-shaped cameras. These cameras can be converted into panoramic security cameras because of their abundance of sensors. 
  • Strong weather protection 
  • Enhanced dual-division and detection. 
  • Seamless integration into existing security systems.
  • Uses H.264/H.265 video coding
  • Comes with POE functionality 
  • Uses 3D digital noise reduction technology

Hopefully, you have got the required information about why one should purchase an Explosion Proof Dome Camera. 

Ending the Post!

In the end, we can conclude that it will surely be beneficial to buy an explosion proof dome camera for the safety purposes. Don’t hesitate in making your choice if you are especially looking for a home camera. Dome cameras are quite adaptable for use in both indoor and outdoor environments. A strong security system that will guarantee the general safety of your home is a set of dome cameras.

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