It often happens that you recommend something to someone, but they don’t have any idea of it. Furthermore, you boast and explain its helpful functions and features, but the person in front of you has no clue. This is something that very usually happens with OneTab Extension.   

OneTab is indeed a helpful tool if you work with hundreds of open tabs and on multiple windows. Nobody wants to get themselves into a muddle by switching between too many tabs. Also, many times a random web search turns into long surfing where only unmindful things occur. Thus, people lose track of time and productivity, plus they lose the fact of what they were looking at on the web. Furthermore, many professionals’ jobs need them to open an excessive number of tabs and connections. Therefore, you can put in a little extra work to clear the clutter and be free with a single click.

How Does It Work?

OneTab is a free tab manager tool for individuals who need to tidy up their tabs quickly. Furthermore, OneTab will shut all open tabs in your current window and save them collectively in a group for later use. Moreover, it has a web-friendly extension that anyone can download. Now it may not sound like that dynamic tool, but its application makes things quick and boosts efficiency.

OneTab decreases the number of tabs open in Google Chrome when they are in the OneTab list, saving up to 95% of memory. OneTab’s focus is on tab management, resulting in fewer distractions. Furthermore, not many systems are capable of multitasking; hence, they run slow when you try to load them with too many operations. Therefore, use the OneTab Extension from now on to wipe it all away with a single click.

  • To clean up and save all of your tabs, you’ll need to install the OneTab extension. You can download the extension from Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox browsers.
  • After you’ve finished installing the extension, you’ll need to pin it to your browser’s toolbar.
  • When you have several tabs open, touch the OneTab button to make a list of them. When you need to re-access the tabs, you can restore them individually or all at once.  

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