Quality content on your website that is accomplished in line with Google’s expectations can help drive more traffic. Content plays the major role in enhancing the visibility of your site on the search engines. Here are a few basic SEO tips for writing articles and blogs.

Focus on keywords
Have a keyword spread sheet relevant to your products or services domain. Ensure to include top phrases and keywords that people use to search for products related to yours. Ask some questions to yourself while creating the content like what are people’s interests, how do your offerings solve their problems, the preferred languages and devices of people, and who are your competitors and what they are doing. Use some powerful online tools to gather appropriate keywords.

Include relevant keywords in the articles
Include the keywords in the introduction, title, slog, Meta description, and the headings. The sets of important keywords are also known as key phrases. Search engines grasp the article’s topic by finding out the key phrases that are recurring in the content. Therefore, a good keyword density will help in SEO. Experts recommend 0.5% to 3% keyword density for successful SEO content. However, ensure that the keyword stuffing does not look artificial. Let them flow naturally as you create the content. Too much of keywords will look like spamming, which might be penalized by Google.

Create high quality content
While gathering the ideas to write, ask questions like what you can offer like no one else? What are the unique aspects of your offerings? What kind of useful knowledge can you share with your audience? Something that can solve the problems of the readers are likely to be shared widely by the users. Look for those that are trending in your domain and provide some inputs or opinions on such things in your content. Interview some experts in the domain and share the content created with them.

Make the content lengthy enough to count
Generally, search engines prefer longer articles. While the ideal count for an article or blog can be 600, it is good to go till 1000 words. Longer content will provide more value to the readers and will help keep them on your website for longer duration.

Use image titles and include images of an optimum size
Article and image titles are very useful for the search engines to understand the content and tank it. Include the key phrase in the image title. This can help boost up the ranking of the image while the users search for images using related key phrase or keyword. Below 70kb is the ideal size for images. Use image compression tools to compress images. Since smaller images can take lesser time to load, they can help enhance the user experience.

Take away
The role of SEO in boosting up the ranking of your website and its online visibility cannot be underestimated. Since SEO is an integral part of most successful marketing campaigns, hire a dedicated Miami SEO expert to work on your website and ensure the best ROI on your investment in SEO.

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