Finding a reasonable pickup or mini truck that doesn’t think twice about quality can be a challenge. However, a few manufacturers offer budget friendly models that deliver brilliant performance and dependability. This blog features a portion of the top choices accessible, zeroing in on key models from Tata Motors and Mahindra.

Budget-Friendly Pickups & Mini trucks

  • Tata Intra V30

The Tata Intra V30 is a champion choice for those looking for a practical pickup truck. Known for its vigorous design and solid performance, it is great for private ventures and metropolitan vehicle needs. The Tata Intra V30 price is Rs. 8.11 Lakh—8.61 Lakh, making it an amazing decision for frugal purchasers. This model offers a payload limit of up to 1300 kg and comes with a 1496 cc DI motor, guaranteeing both power and proficiency.

  • Tata Intra V10

Tata Intra V10 is slightly smaller than the V30. The Tata Intra V10 is perfect for lighter loads and navigating smaller city roads. Tata Intra v10 price ranges between Rs. 7.28 Lakh to 7.78 Lakh. It is a viable option for entrepreneurs and business owners. It features a 2 cylinder, 798 cc diesel engine and a payload capacity of 1000 kg.

  • Mahindra Jeeto

The Mahindra Jeeto is a flexible mini truck known for its moderation and effectiveness. Designed in light of private ventures, it offers numerous variations to take special care of various burden limits and utilisation requirements. It is fueled by a 670 cc single cyclinder diesel motor and has a payload limit of 600 kg. The Mahindra Jeeto is a financially savvy answer for those hoping to boost their interest in a dependable small truck.


When it comes to tracking down reasonable pickups and mini trucks, the Tata Intra V30, Tata Intra V10, and Mahindra Jeeto stand apart as top financial plan-friendly choices.

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