Welcome to the land of vibrant cultures, majestic landscapes, and rich heritage – North India. If you’re a traveler seeking a blend of history, spirituality, and natural beauty, Unlimited India invites you on an unforgettable expedition through our meticulously crafted North India Tour Packages. In this blog, we’ll delve into the enchanting destinations, cultural tapestry, and unique experiences that await you in this captivating part of the country.

The Allure of North India

The Diverse Landscape:

North India is a kaleidoscope of landscapes, ranging from the snow-capped Himalayas to the arid deserts of Rajasthan. Our tour packages are designed to showcase the mesmerizing variety, allowing you to experience the picturesque beauty of places like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Jammu & Kashmir.

Architectural Marvels:

From the iconic Taj Mahal to the grandeur of Jaipur’s palaces, North India boasts a treasure trove of architectural wonders. Unlimited India’s tour packages ensure that you witness the awe-inspiring beauty of historical monuments, forts, and palaces that narrate tales of a bygone era.

Unlimited India’s Unique Approach

Tailored Itineraries:

At Unlimited India, we understand that every traveler is unique. Our North India Tour Packages are not one-size-fits-all; instead, they are crafted to cater to diverse preferences. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast, a history buff, or a nature lover, our itineraries are designed to provide an immersive experience tailored to your interests.

Local Experiences:

We believe in the power of authentic experiences. Our packages include interactions with local communities, allowing you to delve deep into the heart of North Indian culture. Be it savoring local cuisines, participating in traditional festivals, or staying in heritage properties, we ensure that you connect with the soul of the region.

Highlights of North India Tour Packages

Golden Triangle Expedition:

Embark on a journey through Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur – the Golden Triangle of North India. Witness the bustling streets of Old Delhi, marvel at the pristine beauty of the Taj Mahal, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Jaipur’s Pink City.

Spiritual Retreat in Varanasi:

Experience the spiritual energy of Varanasi as you explore its ancient ghats and witness the mesmerizing Ganga Aarti. Our packages offer a holistic spiritual retreat, allowing you to soak in the sacred ambiance of one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.

Himalayan Adventures:

For the adventure seekers, our North India Tour Packages include thrilling escapades in the Himalayan regions. Trek through the scenic landscapes of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, and let the majestic mountains leave an indelible mark on your soul.

Cultural Extravaganza in Rajasthan:

Rajasthan, the land of kings, beckons with its opulent palaces, colorful markets, and vibrant traditions. Our packages take you on a cultural extravaganza, exploring the royal history of Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur.

Planning Your North India Adventure

When to Visit:

The best time to explore North India varies across its diverse regions. While the summer months are ideal for the Himalayan regions, the cultural cities of Rajasthan are best enjoyed during the winter season. Unlimited India’s packages are strategically planned to ensure you experience each destination at its prime.


We understand the importance of a comfortable stay. Our packages include handpicked accommodations, ranging from boutique hotels to heritage properties, ensuring that your North India tour is not just a journey but a luxurious experience.

Why Choose Unlimited India?

Expert Guidance:

Our team of travel experts possesses an in-depth knowledge of North India. From historical facts to hidden gems, we ensure that you receive insightful guidance throughout your journey.


Embark on a journey of a lifetime with Unlimited India’s North India Tour Packages. Whether you seek adventure in the Himalayas, spiritual solace in Varanasi, or a cultural extravaganza in Rajasthan, our meticulously crafted itineraries promise an immersive experience like no other. Unlock the mystique of North India with Unlimited India – where every tour is a unique story waiting to be told.

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