WPAD-12 aluminum diamond plate wall coverings protect walls from moving carts, equipment, and pedestrian traffic.  Aluminum diamond plate wall systems are commonly used in back of house environments, but have become increasingly popular in front of house settings as well.

The WPAD-12 aluminum diamond plate wall covering system consists of wall panels, inside corners, outside corners, and high-impact top cap for a complete installation. WPAD-12 wall panels are supplied in standard sizes and cut to fit in the field by installers, which means no prior field measuring is required. See our standard options below or inquire about custom options that meet your specific project requirements.


  • Manufactured from grade 3003 bright finish aluminum diamond plate
  • Wainscot or full height installation
  • Butt seams
  • Inside corners, outside corners, and edge trim available for a complete installation
  • Installed with adhesive or mechanical fasteners, pre-drilled holes available
  • Other aluminum grades and finishes available


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